New Men’s Knits From Inis Meáin

Inis Meáin is one of the Aran Islands that are strewn across the mouth of Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland.

For centuries, the fishermen’s garments have been knitted by the women of the island. Knitting was just one of a number of skills that islanders had to learn and to master, to create a way of living in a very inhospitable place.

From this island, the Inis Meáin range is exported all over the world. All of their clothes bear the symbol of the upturned currach. The currach is the islanders’ fishing boat or canoe, made from tarred canvas stretched across a wooden frame. There is no natural protection from the Atlantic, so the fishermen must carry their craft up from the shore after every voyage.

Structured cardigans are proving to be a growing trend and Inis Meáin’s hand knits are excellent examples of the genre.


Their new styles are knitted in the finest yarns – Wool, Cashmere, Baby Alpaca, Linen, Silk etc. sourced from the finest mills in Europe and South America. Subtle colours, inspired by land and sea, which reflect the landscape and seasons.



The Quintessential Hoodie

Despite advancing age I am always seeking ways of staying in touch with my youth. One such recent search was a quest to find the perfect cashmere hoodie in a grey hue.

Sounds like a relatively simple demand but a trawl through the usual suspects (Hermès, Cucinelli et al) revealed little or nothing of interest.

About to give up in frustration my final thought was to take a peek at the offerings on the N Peal website. Much to my delight I found exactly what I was searching for. As a delightful added bonus N Peal is currently offering £60 off the original price as part of their seasonal reductions.


The hoodie looks fabulous with a classic white T Shirt and jeans or could be used equally well after a session at the gym. Crafted from 100% Mongolian cashmere it’s soft to the touch and certainly one of the most luxurious hoodies I’m likely to own.