The Key To Eternal Youth

It’s at about this time of year that my somewhat ageing (and aching) post Xmas body looks forward to its annual pilgrimage to Montreux in Switzerland and the home of the celebrated Clinique La Prairie for a thorough medical check and tune up.


From it’s foundation back in 1931, Clinique La Prairie has gained worldwide fame thanks largely to the efforts of Professor Paul Niehans, one of the most well known and respected pioneers in the field of cellular therapy, who injected fresh cells from the foetuses of unborn lambs into his patients. This heritage has evolved over the years and as a preventative against the effects of ageing, the treatment has been sought after by patients coming from all around the world, including many VIP celebrities and politicians such as Margaret Thatcher, President Putin and Ronald Reagan.

Today CLP as it’s known to its significant body of adherents has 60 consultants all dedicated to ensuring that patients can live better and longer.

The main reason for travelling to CLP is to partake in the so called Revitalisation Programme which consists of a 6 day battery of medical tests culminating in the exclusive cellular treatment which these days is extracted from lambs livers and administered orally. It tastes rather like swallowing liquid foie gras a not altogether unpleasant experience. For the medically squeamish the treatment originally consisted of several injections in the buttocks. I know which way I prefer to take my medicine.

The accommodation and food are rather splendid and luxurious and allows one to choose from a 1000 calorie a day diet or the more gourmet friendly healthy eating option containing a few more calories but which is much tastier. “Champagne” as the mineral water is described by the charming Head Waiter is the drink of choice at meals although there is a fine wine list containing some interesting half bottles which are useful for the lone dining patient able and willing to imbibe or his or her companion.


There is also a very good spa and beauty treatment center perfect for your partner if they are not taking the Revitalisation Programme.

The only forbidding factor here is the price which if you need to ask how much it is you probably can’t afford. The 6-day Revitalisation Programme starts at at about $30,000. On the other hand when you hear that mice treated with the CLP extract live on average for 40% longer than the untreated variety it sounds like a bargain-for some.