Trinidad Vigia

The Vigia is a new vitola from the Trinidad brand, reportedly Fidel Castro’s favourite and which was created for him personally by Habanos.


Difficult to find the Vigia is not yet in wide distribution. Recent box codes such as AEM Jun 14 suggest that it’s being made at El Laguito in Miramar, a suburb of Havana. It is also the birthplace of the storied Cohiba brand of cigars which were first rolled there.

Sporting a broad 54 ring gauge and with a length of just over 4 inches the Vigia is classified as a Petit Robusto but there’s nothing petite about this cigar when in the hand.

With it’s colorado wrapper, typical of its stablemates, the construction is very fine with no obvious flaws. The band is a little inexpertly applied but the overall impression is good. The cigar is finished with the trademark Trinidad pigtail and comes in a SBN varnished box of 12 pieces.

The Vigia is the first new Trinidad to be introduced for a number of years and could in time become a worthy successor to the Robusto T all be it that it’s a tad shorter in length.

Cut but unlit it has a decent draw and shows great promise. First impressions upon lighting are of typical Trinidad flavours with some spiciness developing into a creamy coffee earthiness. There is a sweet tea like taste on the retrohale which is rather beguiling. Builds up to pepper and hickory wood in the second third. Dark chocolate and white pepper in the final third. Very enjoyable now but could do with a twelve month spell in storage. If you are thinking of broaching a stick now I suggest you dry box it for 72 hours before smoking.


Highly recommended. 90/91 points capable of rising to 94 points in two years time or so. European prices appear to be in the €12.50-€13 range in Germany/Holland but only €10.30 in Spain-a veritable bargain for such a prestigious brand. Don’t bother asking about the UK and Australia or you’ll be in danger of succumbing to apoplexy!


Bolivar Libertador Cuban Cigar

The Libertador is a big beast. Have no doubt. It’s the same size as the legendary Cohiba Sublimes Limited Edition of 2004 and the Montecristo Sublimes 2008. The ring gauge is a thick 54 with a length of 6.4 inches.

The Bolivar was introduced by Habanos in 2013 as an LCDH release following an earlier outing in 2006/7 as a French RE. The first release met with cautious approval as it was deemed a little young but the vitola has now clearly got into it’s stride and is becoming a serious challenger to it’s senior cousins the MC and the Cohiba.

First appearances are good with a wonderful colorado maduro wrapper with a lovely oily appearance. Unlit the draw is very good. First impressions after lighting are of cream, chocolate and spice. There is also a certain earthiness that whilst not bold underlines its heritage as a member of the Bolivar family. As the enjoyment of this stick progresses it is apparent that this is a medium to full bodied Havana that has plenty of capacity for further ageing. Smoking duration is about one and a half to two hours.

Some reviewers have pointed out that the Libertador is not unlike the Corona Gigantes. I’m not sure there is any similarity other than a general resemblance to the rest of the Bolivar family. If anything I would suggest a touch of the Belicosos Finos-especially those from SLB’s.

Overall this is could be a great cigar and whilst it is currently scoring in the early 90’s I feel quite confident that it is capable of reaching the upper 90’s (perhaps even 97-98) after 4 or 5 years of careful storage.

Price wise a lot depends on where you are buying. The Spanish street price is €15 whereas online I have seen them priced between €16 and €22.1394204424libertador-regional-edition-exclusivo-francia bolivarlibertadores-225 blt-_1416_