Honda Takes To The Skies

When I heard that Honda had developed a private jet I envisaged my old S2000 sports car with wings attached. But lo and behold here is an eye-catching over wing design that can carry 5 passengers plus crew in the comfort befitting its $4.5 million price tag.


A combination of composite materials, stiffened panels and “honeycomb sandwich structures” using a patented co-curing process has resulted in less weight, more cabin space (1.47m of head room), an increased performance and greater fuel efficiency.

Capable of travelling 1,180 nautical miles at speeds as fast as 489mph at 30,000 feet the HondaJet as its know is is a major technological step forward in the “very light jet” (VLJ) sector, with a larger cabin and higher cruising speeds than its competitors.

It’s also worth noting that the high-tech cockpit of the HondaJet, includes a Garmin G3000 next-generation all-glass avionics system comprising dual touchscreen panels as well as three 14-inch high-resolution displays for enhanced navigation, flight planning and control. This level of gadgetry means the plane can be flown by either a single pilot or two crew.


All I need is the moola to buy it. I’d better start saving!