Ornate Cufflinks Are In

In the world of men’s jewellery three signature items stand out: signet rings, watches and cufflinks.

Ornate vintage cufflinks from exclusive jewellers such as Bulgari, Buccelatti and Cartier are having a moment among the cognoscenti from Rome to LA.

Here is a selection we’ve found from Ebay, 1st Dibs and Ruby Lane. Of course you could go always go the whole hog and commission your own bespoke design.




Bespoke Reverso From JLC

I’m a sucker for any type of customisation so when I heard that Jaeger-LeCoultre were introducing a new bespoke service for their iconic Reverso watch to celebrate 85 years since it’s introduction I was very excited.

A touch screen device has been installed in their Old Bond Street boutique, where customers can choose between three case sizes, 48 different dials (from mother-of-pearl to lacquered) and 80 custom watch straps (from ostrich to alligator). The ordering process takes about eight weeks to delivery and prices start from £3050. Get your order in.


It’s No Sweat: Best Watch Bands For Summer

When it’s 90 degrees outside the last thing you need on your wrist is a padded exotic leather watch band. It’s a bit like wearing a parka in a sauna.

During the Summer months I tend to abandon my fine watch collection and strap a simple Swatch on to my wrist.This Summer I may have to change my mind.

I was recently sent one of the new alligator watch bands from Bianca Mosca that has a lining made from high performance antiperspirant rubber. Moisture is evaporated and the skin regulates the temperature under the strap to offer greater comfort allied to the elegance of the fine square scaled alligator leather.


The other great thing about the Bianca Mosca watch straps is that you can customize their bands from a selection of eighteen colors, select different contrast stitching and get the exact fit and padding height you require for your watch. The straps are handmade in their workshop in France and can be ordered online from biancamosca.com They’re $275 with machine stitching. Hand stitching is a $50 option.


I’ll Do It My Way

Mass customisation is on the rise. But it’s nothing new. For a couple of hundred years bespoke tailors and shoe makers have been plying their wares in the so called “Carriage Trade”.

Today’s fashion consumers are looking for greater degrees of personalisation than merely the ability to add a monogram of their initials. Nike, Adidas and RayBan are proving in the mass market that the ability to mix your own combination of colours and options is highly appealing to a broad swathe of their customers.

In the luxury market there are still only a handful of brands beginning to innovate. Late last year Salvatore Ferragamo the legendary Italian shoe maker introduced a MTO (made to order) programme for their classic men’s Driver loafers. The initiative has been highly successful and Ferragamo are considering extending the concept to other parts of their product line up.

In the small leather goods and accessories field Bianca Mosca which specialises in bespoke alligator wallets, card holders, Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases offers a full custom service on its website. Customers can choose leather colours, stitching types as well as having their initials embossed on their product. The finished product is made in their workshop in France and delivered around the world inside 28 days.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 16.37.51.png

“The key thing is service and listening closely to your customers to ensure that you’re delivering what they want-not what you think they want,” said Tim de Rosen from Bianca Mosca.

Well I know what I want and given the choice I’d love to have a stab at designing my own shoes or wallet.










How To Choose A Luxury Watchband

Whilst choosing a replacement watchstrap will change the look of your wristwatch selecting the right one can be a challenge.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when shopping for a new band.

Carefully examine the band you’re replacing: You may well be looking for the same or a similar strap to the one you wore previously but you could also enhance the appearance of your watch by getting a new watchband in a different color or material. It’s important to make sure that you measure the length and width of your old band so you can be certain that your new band will fit correctly. Another important measurement is the height of the padding in the band. A chunky watch such as a Rolex will look better with 5mm padding whereas an ultra thin Piaget is better paired with a flat strap with no padding at all.

Check how your current strap attaches: You’ll need to search for a new watchband that attaches in the same way as your existing strap and that fits flush with the lugs. You may well need a special tool to change the strap, or you may prefer to take it to a jeweler to get the job done for you.

Set your price point: Dependent upon how much you may wish to spend, watch band replacements can be inexpensive or highly priced. If you are seeking a truly luxurious option there is no substitute for Louisiana alligator leather as used by such prestigious watch brands such as Patek Phillippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. If alligator is your material of choice there are no better straps than those made by the master craftsmen of France. The best French watchbands such as those made by luxury goods brand Bianca Mosca are made from the finest square scale alligator skin and are entirely handmade and hand sewn. You can choose from a multitude of colors, matte or shiny finishes and even select the color of the stitching.



Examine your lifestyle: If you are planning on taking your watch near to water, consider getting a durable backing for your strap made from rubber. For something to complement a dress watch alligator bands are usually your best option. Buying watchbands made from quality materials will make any watch look more luxurious and draw admiring glances.