The Queen of Mangoes

The season has finally kicked off. I mean, of course, the season for Kesar mangoes the finest and sweetest variety that you can buy. April is the go month when the Kesar’s finally arrive. Forget Mexico and the Dominican Republic with their sour offerings.

If you seek the freshest and juiciest mango then only the Kesar will suffice.

Widely grown in the Indian state of Gujarat the price has risen since last years early rains destroyed a large part of the crop. Expect to pay about $30 for a dozen. It’s definitely worth the coin.kesar-mangoes.jpg


Bespoke Reverso From JLC

I’m a sucker for any type of customisation so when I heard that Jaeger-LeCoultre were introducing a new bespoke service for their iconic Reverso watch to celebrate 85 years since it’s introduction I was very excited.

A touch screen device has been installed in their Old Bond Street boutique, where customers can choose between three case sizes, 48 different dials (from mother-of-pearl to lacquered) and 80 custom watch straps (from ostrich to alligator). The ordering process takes about eight weeks to delivery and prices start from £3050. Get your order in.


It’s No Sweat: Best Watch Bands For Summer

When it’s 90 degrees outside the last thing you need on your wrist is a padded exotic leather watch band. It’s a bit like wearing a parka in a sauna.

During the Summer months I tend to abandon my fine watch collection and strap a simple Swatch on to my wrist.This Summer I may have to change my mind.

I was recently sent one of the new alligator watch bands from Bianca Mosca that has a lining made from high performance antiperspirant rubber. Moisture is evaporated and the skin regulates the temperature under the strap to offer greater comfort allied to the elegance of the fine square scaled alligator leather.


The other great thing about the Bianca Mosca watch straps is that you can customize their bands from a selection of eighteen colors, select different contrast stitching and get the exact fit and padding height you require for your watch. The straps are handmade in their workshop in France and can be ordered online from They’re $275 with machine stitching. Hand stitching is a $50 option.


What I’m Wearing: Tom Hiddleston



(The Night Manager star shows his sartorial side and how you can emulate him)


The Right Time

When the illustrious name of Breguet is mentioned I am always reminded of the following passage from Pushkin’s novel Eugene Onegin, “A dandy on the boulevards (…), strolling at leisure until his Breguet, ever vigilant, reminds him it is midday.”

Whilst Breguet are rightly famous for their divine horological masterpieces they also offer a fine range of luxury accessories including an impressive array of writing instruments.

One of these is a solid silver and sapphire fountain pen with a clip in the shape of a watch hand to remind us of the manufactory’s watch making heritage. This is a truly impressive piece and a must-have item for collectors of all things Breguet. It is also a true reminder of the connection between the watchmaker and the craft of writing bon mots. £1500/$2250.