The Best Chocolates In The World?

If like me you have a sweet tooth and a liking for the finest chocolate then the best comes from France. Others may well argue for Belgium or Switzerland but I find their chocolates too sweet for my refined palette, a little cloying and far too commercial.

My favourite chocolatier of all is the Paris based La Maison du Chocolat that was founded by Robert Linxe who was born in Bayonne where he trained as a chocolatier. Later he was apprenticed to the illustrious COBA confectionary school in Switzerland and went on to found his Maison in 1977 in the fashionable Faubourg St-Honoré, in Paris’ 8th district.

A second Parisian boutique was opened in 1987 with a New York outpost being established in 1990 on Madison Avenue.

Monsieur Linxe is a visionary who has been nicknamed the “Sorcerer of Ganache”. Ganache is a silky blend of chocolate and fresh cream is then enrobed in a fine layer of chocolate, creating associations of subtle and delicate flavours.

As well as ganache, Maison du Chocolat is famous for it’s divine champagne truffles and it’s selections of mixed chocolates. I’m also quite partial to their delicious drinking chocolate that comes in a handy ready to prepare home kit.