The Best Spaghetti In The World?

I recently had the good fortune to return for dinner at Il luogo di Aimo e Nadia to give it its full name.


Founded by the eponymous Aimo and Nadia this small restaurant occupies a renovated building deep in the suburbs of Milan around a twenty minute drive from Piazza Reppublica.

The restaurant, one of only three 2-star Michelin establishments in Milan, has an illustrious 50 year track record and although Aimo and his wife are long retired they visit their premises regularly to check that their exalted culinary standards are being properly maintained.

After a pre-prandial glass of Bollinger 2005 (delicious and on song) we proceeded to sample the Italian gastronomic menu. Whilst not quite at the level of my previous visit ten years ago the food was none the less well prepared and lovingly cooked and served.

The highlights were the sublime (and famous) dish of spaghetti with onion that I still cannot quite believe comprises just-spaghetti and onion (period). As on my previous visit I questioned the Maitre d’ about this and he reaffirmed the seemingly simple recipe invented all those years ago by Aimo. The secret is an extremely slow and long cooking time at a very low temperature allowing the onions to caramelise perfectly.


The second dish that was a standout this time round was the braised beef cheek, again benefitting from a super slow braise to render a gelatinous and deep flavoured finish.


Although the other dishes were less memorable the evening was highly enjoyable and the accompanying wines were expertly chosen by the sommelier.

Would I return? Yes-I’m looking forward to my next visit in 10 years time to re-sample that wonderful spaghetti!