Chameleon Comfort

Even the most casual of men draws the line at turning up to the office in “dressy” sweatpants, with their sporty cuts and high price tags. Wearing sweats, even the fashionable kind, outside the gym or home environment makes one feel somewhat exposed—it’s a bit like wearing an undergarment in public.

But if athleisure itself is considered to be dubious, it’s definitely having a wider impact on style—one that could make dressing for work a little more inviting. Designers have heeded the call for comfort, recognizing the need to make men’s clothing, from suit jackets to office wear-ready trousers, more adaptable, breathable and wearable while ensuring that the design retains a degree of fashion gravitas.



This new approach might be dubbed “covert comfort,” given that the comfortable aspects of the clothes are not immediately apparent. These easy pieces don’t resemble workout gear but have a kind of stealth coziness. Think formal silhouettes in plush textures that make you feel more like a tech mogul (minus the hoodie of course) than a corporate clone.

Good looking jackets and shirts imbued with performance attributes—thanks to sturdy stretch or fibers that wick away sweat—that don’t look out of place in the conference room and no one will know the secret to your unflappable demeanor.


The Quintessential Hoodie

Despite advancing age I am always seeking ways of staying in touch with my youth. One such recent search was a quest to find the perfect cashmere hoodie in a grey hue.

Sounds like a relatively simple demand but a trawl through the usual suspects (Hermès, Cucinelli et al) revealed little or nothing of interest.

About to give up in frustration my final thought was to take a peek at the offerings on the N Peal website. Much to my delight I found exactly what I was searching for. As a delightful added bonus N Peal is currently offering £60 off the original price as part of their seasonal reductions.


The hoodie looks fabulous with a classic white T Shirt and jeans or could be used equally well after a session at the gym. Crafted from 100% Mongolian cashmere it’s soft to the touch and certainly one of the most luxurious hoodies I’m likely to own.