The Perfect Whisky Glass

Whisky drinkers are always on the hunt for great new sources of their favourite tipple. Often overlooked is the vessel into which they pour it.

Made by master craftsmen in Bohemia from mouth blown lead crystal, Richard Brendon’s Diamond Double tumblers have a deeply satisfying heft. They also exude a contemporary elegance thanks to the simplicity and restrained distribution of the diminutive hand-cut diamonds, which are confined to the lower third and base. Sometimes less really is more.


Ornate Cufflinks Are In

In the world of men’s jewellery three signature items stand out: signet rings, watches and cufflinks.

Ornate vintage cufflinks from exclusive jewellers such as Bulgari, Buccelatti and Cartier are having a moment among the cognoscenti from Rome to LA.

Here is a selection we’ve found from Ebay, 1st Dibs and Ruby Lane. Of course you could go always go the whole hog and commission your own bespoke design.




Customize Your Swim Shorts

Orlebar Brown, the high end men’s swimwear brand,  is offering a  new “design your own” service where their trunks can be customized online by turning your favorite photos into luxury swimming shorts. Their SnapShort 2.0 app allows you to take your favorite Instagram photo and transform it onto your own Orlebar Brown trunks. It doesn’t need to be a photo of a beach scene; you could choose a drawing, a pattern of something you’ve discovered, even graffiti, or a family snap. Even a selfie if you fancy showing off your own mug on your own lap!

The new app is an updated version of SnapShort, that allowed monthly contest winners to design their own swimmies. Now anyone can do it, for a price. Depending on the size you select, the shorts start at $595.