Alligator Watch Straps For Summer

New Alligator Watch Straps That Are Designed Especially For Hot Weather

When the temperature is rising the last thing you need is a padded alligator leather watch strap sitting on a sweaty wrist.

The result is that many people stop wearing their smart dress watches in hot weather. But this Summer there’s a new option on the table.

Bianca Mosca’s alligator watch straps have a proprietary lining that’s made from a high performance antiperspirant vulcanised rubber compound. This is how it works:

Moisture from the wearer’s wrist is automatically evaporated. The skin regulates the temperature under the strap to offer greater comfort than traditional bands. The result is that you can carry on wearing your favourite watch throughout the Summer months.

The wearer no longer worries about rising temperatures, causing them to perspire, and ruin their precious alligator strap. At the end of the day the lining can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth, avoiding any damage to the fine leather surface. No other alligator watch strap can match the endurance of Bianca Mosca’s hot weather watch bands.

Bianca Mosca alligator watch straps can also be customised from a selection of eighteen colors. Customers can select contrast stitching and get the exact width, fit and padding height they require. The straps are entirely handmade in the company’s workshop in France and can be ordered online from They’re priced at $275 with machine stitching which includes free delivery worldwide. Hand stitching is a $50 option.







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