Sneaking Up

It seems as though it was only yesterday that Wall Street was running round in Church’s, Alden’s and Crockett & Jones’. The ubiquitous black shiny shoe was the only way to dress the foot of the elegant male professional or successful executive for the working week. Weekends were spent in leisured suede versions of the same design. Yet how it all changes.


Enter the sneaker. From their sporting and street wear origins, sneakers are now seen everywhere-worn by Hollywood actors and celebrities on the red carpet and paired with formal evening wear. Even billionaires are wearing them to work. If you watch Showtime’s Billions TV series you’ll know that Bobby Axelrod, the fictional billionaire hedge fund owner portrayed by British actor Damian Lewis wears a pair every day from his wardrobe full of sneakers along with his regulation hoodie.

Everywhere you look there are more and more new sneaker brands emerging such as New York’s FEIT and Amsterdam’s ETQ to join the more established Common Projects, Lanvin, Y3 and Converse. Available in a wide variety of materials from suede, leather and nylon the latest trend to emerge is the pure white sneaker epitomised by Common Projects Original Achilles model. Another trend is towards the use of exotic materials like python and lizard and even alligator sneakers for men.






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