It Makes Scents

Whilst in New York recently I was introduced to the intriguing fragrances developed by Ulrich Lang and Britt Biegelson.

Consisting of a tight range of four niche products they are distributed through a network of exclusive retailers including Barneys and Fortnums as well as online. Lang whose twin passions are photography and perfume started developing his eponymous range about 12 years ago.


Recently launched Aperture (£125/$200 for 100ml EDP) was inspired by a photograph of a sunset taken by Olivia Bee, a 20-year-old photographer who is something of a sensation, having shot a campaign for Converse trainers when only 14 years old, as well as having worked for Hermès and The New York Times. With Aperture, Lang wanted to create a male fragrance that was “just the right side of dirty” – a tricky thing to bring off and which he does by dint of a large hit of civet and musk. The result is warm and powerful with a strong hint of danger – it is indubitably modern and very, very male.



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