Bianca Mosca Launches Custom Watch Strap Service

Bianca Mosca known for its ultra luxury bags, wallets and accessories made from prime Louisiana alligator leather is launching a range of hand crafted custom watch bands in seventeen striking colors.

The watch bands come in colors such as St.Tropez Blue, Orange and Pink as well as more traditional black, brown and navy blue.

Customers can select their choice of color, width and length as well as the stitching in a configurator and place their order online.

The linings of Bianca Mosca’s straps are made from a high performance antiperspirant compound rubber. Moisture is evaporated and the wearer’s skin regulates the temperature under the bracelet to offer supreme comfort allied to the elegance of the fine alligator leather.

A Bianca Mosca spokesperson said:

“These bands are the perfect replacement for a standard watch band and a great complement to the fine craftsmanship of a modern or vintage watch.”

The straps are hand made in Bianca Mosca’s workshop in France and cost $295 including free shipping. Hand stitching is available for a supplementary charge of $50.

For more information visit:



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