Create Your Own Watch Strap

As a huge watch fan I’m always interested in new ways to embellish my modest horological collection with the addition of a choice new watch strap.

My favourite material is Louisiana alligator which is beautiful to admire, supple, durable, water resistant and wears extremely well. The problem is that most of the straps I see at jewellers seem to be a little boring being available only in a choice of dull black, brown and the occasional blue. Sometimes I long for something a little more racy and in a more exciting hue.

jean rousseau leather.jpg

Well now you can find almost anything imaginable by visiting the Bianca Mosca website. BM, known for their alligator bags and accessories, have introduced a fabulous new online made-to-order watch strap service where you can equip almost any watch, modern or vintage, with a sublime new strap with a wide choice of custom options.

Bianca Mosca’s alligator is prime grade, center-cut and square scale and is without a shadow of a doubt the best that money can buy. Combined with their special tanning technique their material is not only water resistant but UV-resistant too and guaranteed to be hypo-allergenic.

Another great feature is that the lining of BM’s watch straps is made from a specially developed antiperspirant type of hi-tech rubber. Moisture is evaporated and the skin regulates the temperature under the bracelet to offer supreme comfort allied to the elegance of the fine alligator leather.


There is a huge choice of colors in both shiny and matte alligator including Blue Jeans, Emerald Green, Shiny Red and Havana Brown. You can also select your choice of stitching color as well as the strap width, length and padding height and buckle type. Hand stitching is also available for a modest surcharge.



This new service should prove to be an  excellent way to transform a quotidian existing strap into something quite extraordinary and of course all designed by you!




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