Top 10 Luxury Travel Accessories

When you travel a lot you always need to think carefully before packing about which essential things you’re going to need to have with you. The problem for most people, including me, is that space is at a premium especially if you want to travel light and carry your bag with you instead of checking it in at the airport.

I’ve learned the hard way that it’s often better to spend some money on really high quality products that last (almost) forever than on cheaper items that will often let you down. Poor quality accessories tend to break down and can look awful after minimal use whereas those that are truly luxurious can acquire a special patina with age.

Here are a few of my favourite things:

1. Elie Bleu Cigar Case
It’s increasingly difficult to find suitable (and lawful) places to smoke whilst travelling but when you do find the ideal place (as I did recently at the Bulgari Hotel in Milan) it’s essential to carry your precious Cubans in some style. Elie Bleu, based in Paris, is well known for their divine cigar humidors with elaborate marquetry but they also make superb traveling cigar cases in beautiful leathers including stingray.


2. Morphie iPhone Charger
Possibly the most frustrating thing when travelling is to run out of “juice” when your iPhone gives up the ghost as it inevitably will. Morphie’s Juice Pack Reserve for the iPhone 6 and 6s is just the job and is the most compact charger the firm has ever produced.


3. B &W Portable Headphones
Audiophiles will argue till the cows come home but to my mind there’s no substitute in terms of value for money and effectiveness-Bowers and Wilkins are superb at everything auditory. Their P3 Mobile Hi Fi speakers are light, comfortable and gorgeous to admire in their lovely blue case. Just the ticket for pounding the pavements on your early morning run.


4. Philips Sonic Care Diamond Clean Toothbrush
I’ve been cleaning my teeth with electric toothbrushes for years but most models are not easily portable. This Philips model comes in a specially designed and compact easy to pack format. And it works a treat.


5. Bianca Mosca Zippy Travel Pouch
I’ve always had a soft spot for Bianca Mosca’s divine hand sewn alligator wallets and accessories and the Zippy is no exception. Measuring a compact 4.3 by 7 inches it is capable of packing a big punch with space for 8 credit cards, business cards, a coin compartment, cash and tickets and will even accommodate your passport. It’s available in 14 wonderful colors and a choice of stitching. Bianca Mosca will even emboss your initials free of charge!


6. Acqua di Parma Colonia
“The Colonia legend is closely tied to the world of Italian tailors, the home of impeccable elegance, where class is expressed in prestige fabrics, perfect cuts, the sophisticated balance of muted colours and attention to detail. Down to the final and indispensable touch of class: a spray of Colonia before handing over the made to measure suit. A sensory hallmark of a style of dressing that is also a lifestyle. Colonia is the original fragrance that embodies classic elegance and long tradition”. That’s what they say at Acqua di Parma and I couldn’t put it better. An essential ingredient even for a short trip is to smell your best. The classic Colonia in a convenient travel size does the trick-perfectly.


7. Patek Phillipe 5524 Calatrava Pilot Travel Time
A most unexpected but none the less delightful addition to the PP range earlier this year. The 5524 model is based on old Patek Philippe hour angle watches that helped pilots calculate their position when used in tandem with a sextant and a radio. I’m not exactly a pilot but I appreciate the wonderful heritage of this beautiful watch that incidentally reminds me of the time at home. Just wished they had made it in a more affordable steel version.


8. Berluti Andy loafers
Is there anything more glorious than stepping out in a pair of Berluti demesure handcrafted shoes named after the legendary Andy Warhol? Not to my mind. Supreme comfort and oozing style and savoir faire.


9. Leica X2
iPhone cameras are all very well-even with the new 12 megapixel one on the iPhone 6s but there is no real substitute for a proper camera such as the marvelous X2. The Leica features the latest sensor technology and the fast 35mm Leica Elmarit lens. Made from the highest quality materials the camera offers simple operation and manual adjustment possibilities.


10. Louis Vuitton Pégase 55 Business
Finally, here is the essential bag to carry your favorite items. Although much imitated this really is the business. The Pégase 55 moves smoothly (and noiselessly) from business to pleasure and back again. This cabin-sized case holds everything in impeccable order, thanks to multiple compartments and zippered pockets.



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