Is Pink the New Blue?

It used to be considered that pink was for a girl and blue for a boy but back in the 19th century pink was considered to be a manly “strong” color with rose gold jewellery being a strong seller amongst the male population.

After a period in the wilderness pink for the boys is back with a vengeance. Now Apple-no slowcoach in the marketing stakes-is jumping on the pink bandwagon with the launch of its new iPhone 6s in rose gold. Word from the street is that the pre-orders and early sales since the recent launch indicate that the rose gold version is completely sold out. The bulk of these sales seems to be from men-not women.

In the broader fashion world there is a growing trend for men’s clothing to be offered in pink and it’s various hues. Valentino, Bottega Veneta and Gucci are leading the charge for pink in their 2016 season menswear offerings.

Unknown-1 images

Will we see the ex-Governator Arnie wearing pink anytime soon?

A man wearing pink needs to explain himself.


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