The Signet Ring Is Back

Signet rings are making a comeback according to a recent post on Bloomberg Pursuits. According to Bloomberg staffer Nic Screws the new Guy Ritchie movie-The Man from U.N.C.L.E. has inspired younger men to emulate the denizens of New York’s crusty clubs and college fraternities by donning the pinkie finger rings.

The best rings tend to be made from 14kt gold as it’s tougher than 18kt and brighter than it’s 9kt sibling. As to color that’s a matter of personal preference although personally I’m partial to white gold for it’s low key appearance. None the less rose gold could look cool especially if you have a watch in the same hue.

Traditionally, men had their school, club or college crest engraved on their ring. On the other hand if you aspire to the join the aristocracy why not use your family’s coat of arms? A number of purveyors of signet rings allow you search among thousands of crests and coats of arms online.

The best rings come from England and in particular from Ruffs, Dexter and Rebus-all traditional makers and superlative in the art of engraving. You can opt for deep decorative engraving or if you want to seal documents in wax then go for reverse engraving so that when your ring is impressed into the hot wax a positive image will appear.


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