The Top Ten Luxury Wallets for Men

Welcome to the first in our series of reviews covering the best in luxury wallets for men. We’re going to take a look at all the top makers and brands including Hermes, Berluti, Tom Ford, Gucci and Burberry. For the first review we’re going to look at a luxury brand that’s been in existence since 1946: Bianca Mosca. Bianca Mosca was founded by the eponymous designer, a cousin of the legendary Elsa Schiaparelli with the backing of the 9th Earl of Jersey. Sadly Madame Mosca passed away at a young age but thankfully the brand was rescued by well known fashion entrepreneurs, Tim de Rosen and Leslie Kent.

Today Bianca Mosca makes beautifully made travel goods and accessories crafted from Louisiana alligator sourced from leading European and American tanneries.

All of their products are made to order in a small atelier in France. Customers can choose the type and color of alligator skin-with a shiny or matte finish, select a lining color, color for stitching and have their personal monogram engraved on the completed item.

The quality of the alligator leather, as you would expect, is superlative with large square tiles from the belly section leading to smaller scales in the flank. The leather is superbly tanned and the colors resonate with great depth. The cutting of the leather and detailing leads to a very high quality finish. All of the work required to make each piece is carried out by a single craftsman who assembles and hand sews the seams using waxed linen thread with a traditional saddle stitch.Image 4B

Clearly this level of craftsmanship and attention to detail doesn’t come cheaply but I believe that an investment in a Bianca Mosca wallet will pay dividends in the long term as their products should last a lifetime. In fact the company gives an impressive unlimited guarantee for each piece it makes.Image 4B Image 4CImage 4D


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